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Atelier : capteurs intelligents pour une maintenance efficace des trains légers

At the RailTech Europe show on March 6-7, several free workshops will be offered, which we are highlighting here. In this workshop, Sensornet will explain how the company creates useful insights for fleet and infrastructure maintenance.

The workshop will be led by Ron Maas, Director of Sensornet. Sensornet performs measurements on vehicles and near railway tracks. This generates a lot of data. With this data, Sensornet creates insights for its customers and can be used for fleet and infrastructure. The same data can be used for other goals, such as sustainable cities, climate action and comfort. Sensornet provides this information in intelligent dashboards, which allow our customers to understand bottlenecks in the city, with respect to infrastructure.

Maas started his career at the DGMR, which had only 25 employees at the time, which allowed him to gain experience in different fields. In addition to his experience in measurements and acoustics, he is also familiar with related legislation and zoning, equipment, air handling technology and process technology.

The workshop is of interest to anyone involved in light rail maintenance and looking to improve maintenance based on data generated for the fleet and tracks.

For more information on the workshop program and to register for free , visit the RailTech Europe website.

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